Breede, Claus

Claus BreedeClaus Breede was born in Denmark. His family “ran away to Canada” in 1957, just after his 12th birthday. The family spent a couple of years in Toronto. From there, the family moved around, including four years in Newfoundland, before ending up back in Toronto.

Following 12 years at the Royal Ontario Museum, Claus moved on to work for several large county museums. For those 25 years, he and his family enjoyed living in several small towns, on the wonderful shore of that great inland sea, Lake Huron. Claus is now back in the city, making his home in London (ON) where he lives with his wife Rita.

As a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Anthropology Department, and having earned a Masters degree in Local Government from Western University, he found that living in a small town was like having your very own social laboratory right at your front door. Life in small town Ontario is never dull.

Claus is currently working on a series of short stories based on his observations while living in the “social laboratory.”  “The Two Sisters” is the first in this series.

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