Step Into This Day: Thoughts on Connection

Step Into This Day: Thoughts on Connection
by Florence Niven

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We are connected. One to the other. Through spirit, community, creativity, nature and in so many other ways. As an artist and storyteller, Florence has always known this. This collection puts into words what she’s always felt, and honours some of the people she’s met along the way. In 2018, Florence Niven’s father died. In 2020 the world shut down. In response, Florence climbed into bed and pulled the covers over her head. She thought she was doing just fine until her husband bent over her mountain of blankets and asked if everything was OK. Finding her way out of the darkness meant dragging herself out of bed and re-establishing a routine. Returning to her writing helped Florence create a sense of normalcy in the new normal — a way to sort through her grief and untangle her feelings. This daily intentional practice grew into a series of healing meditations that explore our universal need for connection. Step Into This Day — Thoughts on Connection is an invitation to embrace each day with arms wide open, despite the obstacles. To nurture the connections we make and to find the lessons in every experience.

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