Whitley, Julie

Julie Whitely

Julie Whitley has been passionate about books since she could first hold them. Telling her own stories was a natural progression. Her favourite high school English teacher, Mr Swiatek, encouraged her to keep on writing. With his words echoing in her mind, she continued to write even though her career path in nursing took her in a more black and white direction.

Her short stories have achieved some recognition over the years: runner up in a Spectator short story contest; two personal accounts in prestigious nursing journals as well as the synopsis of her Masters thesis in a Research journal, the Editor’s Choice award for her poetry and most recently Wishing Shelf Book Award finalist.

Creative writing courses with many teachers kept the need to write flowing, while most recently Brian Henry and the Humber School for Writers helped to refine her style.

Retirement allowed the time to complete a life-long dream—her debut novel, Secrets of the Home Wood: the Sacrifice. An adventure fantasy initially geared towards the YA, the first book in the series has found a cross-over audience, enjoyed by readers of all ages.

When not writing, Julie loves to paint in watercolours and oils in the Old Masters style and to travel with her husband to warm places where they can sail, snorkel and scuba dive. In the last year, her new grandson has won the competition for her time, but slowly the sequel to Secrets of the Home Wood: the Sacrifice is taking shape. The Stalker should be ready by Fall 2016.

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