Sondheimer, Shiri

Picture of Shiri Sondheimer, outside on her front porch with a tiara on.

Shiri is a pansexual crone and gore spirit who has ranted about books for several websites and continued to do so for her own edification. Her other short stories can be found in Unlocking the Magic: A Fantasy Anthology with a focus on mental health for which she called on her own experiences with depression and anxiety, Women In Horror 2016, and the upcoming Three Time Travellers Walk Into… Her article on the neurological connection between music and creativity was published in Issue 10 of Fantasy Art and Studies and she has two chapters in Blackwell’sThe Expanse and Philosophy.  Her creative process is Haikyu!’s Tanaka and Tsukishima in a hamster ball and a random generator once declared her genre “cactus garbage.” In her spare time she is an amateur frog.

Reach her on Twitter @SWSondheimer

CommuterLit posts:

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