Robinson, Joshua C. D.

Joshua C. D. Robinson is a part-time marketing director for Revenue Development, Inc. and a former public relations director for Bovine Metropolis Theater, an improvisational comedy theater in downtown Denver. He is also a freelance public relations agent, journalist, educator, and a playwright. He has written five full-length plays, a number of one acts, and have lost count of my 10 minute and shorter plays. He has deleted or otherwise lost more poems than he currently has in his possession. If he was to stack all of his poems both extant and destroyed they would reach from the floor of his apartment to the ceiling, and then some.

Joshua has worked for two internationally syndicated publications, two independent papers, and has served as an intern advisor for The Missouri Review. He has worked in the educational field in conflict resolution theatre, as a private tutor, as a preschool teacher, and most recently as an instructor for Boys & Girls Club of America. Joshua’s ultimate goal is to become a professor in the literary and theatrical arts. He is excited to be included in CommuterLit as the first official publication of his creative writing.

The Stone Fence