Richards, Aldous


Born in Wales, Aldous Richards is a writer of fiction, screenplays and literary criticism. He has travelled and lived in the U.S., Europe, England, Wales and Japan. Among jobs too numerous to list, he has taught classical guitar, dug huge ditches, gone comatose in factories, taught undergraduate English, busked in Tokyo subways, and harvested fruit in British Columbia.

He has survived confrontations with the Yakuza, performed with a chamber orchestra in Montréal, missed a singing career by a hair’s breadth, and slept in shacks to the groan of an empty stomach. He now lives in London, Ontario, Canada. He is in love with a hybrid historical/fantasy Joan of Arc: It has never done him any good. He continues, obstinately, to write and publish novels, essays, short stories, and literary criticism, with no immediately evident signs of mental injury.

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