Plauche, Samuel

Image of Samuel Plauche

Samuel Plauche is a writer of fiction and poetry. His writings explore the emotions and actions brought forth by love, grief, and trauma. Plauche has been influenced by his love for dream fiction as well as his Cajun heritage, and this manifests in his writing as he combines the themes of Cajun Gothic with abstract storytelling.

Born on an island off the coast of Seattle, Washington, Plauche’s childhood was spent running around pine forests and exploring ponds. This is where his love for storytelling began to bloom, as he created tale after tale about what may lurk in the wood. During this time, Plauche began to take road trips with his family which blossomed another love of his — travel. Now, Plauche continually criss-crosses the United States of America, writing poetry and fiction about the people he meets and places he visits.

After graduating from South Seattle College with his Associate’s of Arts degree in English, Plauche ventured out to Chicago where he attended and graduated from Columbia College Chicago with his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing and English. Plauche now lives in Logan Square, Chicago where he continues to write and plan for the next adventure.