Nidd, Kathi

kathi-niddKathi Nidd is the author of several short stories, novellas, and poems published in Canada and the United States. While born in Ottawa, Canada and still residing there, Kathi considers home to be anywhere she finds herself engaged in a good conversation and fine wine. Travels with her work as a healthcare consultant or during magnificent vacations with her husband have provided great inspiration for stories, settings and characters. A strong love of nature and animals and an interest in synchronicity provide common themes in most works.

A former member of The Ottawa Story Spinners, Kathi participated in five of their short story collections The Black Lake Chronicles. In 2013, the Fuzzball short story set was created on a whim but turned into a fundraiser for animal shelters across North America. More recently Kathi was chosen as a poetry contributor to the Canadian Poetry Institute’s anthology Island Magic, selected as a contributor to a romance short story anthology Romancing the Story, and selected for a publication of flash fiction Haunted Waters Press. In addition, she has contributed to short story publications in several on-line magazines.

Kathi’s plan is to grow her small business The Writing Spot and provide mentorship and support to writers in all stages of growth through in-person and online writing groups and workshops.

“When I am writing, and so lost in the story that I lose track of time and space, that is a true moment of joy and relaxation for me.”

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