Menear, David

David Menear

David Menear is most often described as an edgy, urgent, gritty and sometimes ‘transgressive’ short story writer with a soft heart and a sense of humour. You find him at that place where Salinger meets Cormac McCarthy for tea and cookies.

“David Menear is one hell of a writer. We at HOOD, among the filth and infuriated beauty around us, laud him for his cutting edge and knifey work. He is a fearless, limit-crushing purveyor of high art pulp…A truly gifted writer” -Lynn Crosbie

In his first two years of writing, Menear’s stories have been published in several respected Canadian literary magazines. An Ottawa publisher (DevilHouse) sought him out and produced a short story collection in June 2014 that sold out in a few short months. A story of his was selected for an Exile Editions anthology New Canadian Noir to be on-shelf this March 2015. Reviews are positive.

“I’m very excited and pleased to publish David’s chapbook. He covers taboo subjects with humour & daring.”-Amanda Earl / DevilHouse Press

Now, he’s at a point where he’s well into writing his first novel, Cave Drawings, and also Beheaded, a work of Creative Non-Fiction.

David has spent most of his life between Toronto and Montreal, but has also lived in big city England and quaint village France. He studied art in New York City. David has won numerous international advertising awards for his creativity. He returned to Toronto for two years at ‘The Beach’, writing hard and playing tennis with terrifying enthusiasm and some certain mediocrity. In August David moved again and is now somewhere on Vancouver Island or presumed missing back in the Toronto again.

Publishing History

“Painted Turtle”
(short story/novel excerpt)
Toronto April 2016

“Happy Trails”
One Thing
Amanda Earl Blog-Ottawa September 2015

“Devil’s Dirty Laundry”
(short story fiction)
Lynn Crosbie Blog-Toronto May 2015

“Fern Leaves Unfurling In the Dark-Green Shade”
(short story anthology)
The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir
Exile Editions -Toronto March 2015

“River Water”
(literary short story fiction)
FreeFall Magazine – Calgary Fall 2014

One Dead Tree
(short story chap book)
DevilHouse/AngelHouse Press – Ottawa June 2014

(literary short story fiction)
Urban Graffiti Magazine – Calgary
May 2014

“Picasso’s In Prison”
(literary short story fiction)
The Danforth Review – Toronto December 2013

“Blood Runs Deep”
(literary short story fiction)
CBC Canada Writes-Toronto November 2013

“Some Devils Dirty Laundry”
(literary short story fiction)
QWF/Carte Blanche – Montreal September 2013

Poetry published in New York, South Africa & India.

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“Painted Turtle”

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