MONDAY: No End Insight


Copyright is held by the author.

Could have ended my life today
but the how-now (go ahead, think it)
never gelled. Not the type to have a gun
on hand or anywhere else for that matter.
It was sunny, I’d parked my car opposite
the park and was half listening
to my jazz collection when I thought:
It doesn’t get better than this so . . .
a lovely moment to just halt being.
Something triggered an urge
just to go (nowhere, of course) while
the going was good, like right then.
Only I lacked any means,
other than bashing my brains
on the warm steering wheel.
But I am not one to leave a mess 
and it was almost lunchtime.


Image of Allan Lake, in sunglasses, with white hair, wearing a blue open collar shirt, and summer blazer.

Allan Lake, originally from Saskatchewan, has lived in Vancouver,
Cape Breton, Ibiza, Tasmania, W. Australia and Melbourne. Lake has won
Lost Tower Publications (UK) Comp, Melbourne Spoken Word Poetry Festival &
publication in New Philosopher. His latest poetry chapbook (Ginninderra Press) is
My Photos of Sicily. Literary journals in 17 countries have now
published his poems.

  1. Good one!

  2. Allan, you made me smile and recognize where you were. I’ve been there! A droll bit of wry humor showing the separation of head, heart and simple thankful submission to routine enjoyment of regular meals.

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