FRIDAY NOTES & NEWS: Thanks to everyone who entered our Poetry Week 2023 contest

We had a great response and many lovely poems and series of poems submitted to our Poetry Week 2023 contest. It was difficult to choose among them, but our top five will be announced this coming Monday, April 24 through the weekly newsletter, and will be posted throughout that week. If you submitted and did not make the top five, it doesn’t mean your poem(s) will not be accepted for posting on CommuterLit. Your submissions will now be put into the “General Submission” coffer, and you will be hearing from us shortly.

Watch for our announcement about our Flash Fiction Week 2023 contest (with cash prizes) next month!

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As always, if you have news about launches, releases, publications, or events please send them to us at: admin-at-commuterlit-dot-com.

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