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FOR MANY years now I’ve been a member of a collective that takes turns writing and posting 100-word stories—drabbles—on a blog called Exquisite Corpse. Some of us write and edit professionally, some do not, but we all write in some capacity every day whether it be creating promotional copy, professional reports or emailing clients. 

The discipline of writing such a short story (not 99, not 101, but exactly 100 words, while still managing to include a beginning, middle and end) has made us all better writers. You have to choose every word carefully, decide what is essential to convey to your readers, and be ruthless when self-editing.

Why not give it a try?

Poetry Submission End of Today—Friday, April 22
You have four days to submit your poems for our Poetry Week in May. Please submit via our General Submission portal on Submittable and indicate in your cover letter that you are submitting for Poetry Week 2022. The deadline is end of today.

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