FRIDAY NOTES & NEWS: Love story call for submissions

We all need a little love in these lockdown times, so for the week after Valentines Day, we’ll be posting love stories — not just the romantic kind, but love in all its variety, whether it be for a good friend, a pet dog, a brother or sister or parent, or maybe even love for music or art or collecting vintage pottery or — you get the idea.

Submit your stories by end of day Monday, Feb. 8. Make sure to say in your cover letter you are submitting a “love” story.

Submit here. 

Contributor News

Dale Stromberg‘s has had two recent publications: The Molotov Cocktail published his story “Firstable” in its Volume 11 Issue 10 in early February; and Litro US Online published his story “Trial by Ordeal” as a #StorySunday piece on 31 January 2021.

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