TUESDAY: Choking


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MY WIFE sits on the couch, choking on a grape.

I’m at the computer. My focus: football scores and highlights, until I hear her hand thumping on the arm of the couch. I turn my head to see her sitting up, eyes wide, mouth agape; a hand on her chest. Strange guttural sounds come from deep in her throat. They coincide with the rapid jerking of her body as she tries to breath. For a second I want to scold her for eating too fast, paying more attention to the TV than what she’s putting in her mouth, but bright red blotches appear in her cheeks, the veins in her neck bulge, turn purple. I swivel the chair around and sit forward. Options in my mind: slap her in the back, Heimlich maneuver, call an ambulance — but my arms and legs won’t move. My heart pounds and something inside grips my chest and stomach. My head fills with one question: is she really choking to death?

And almost as quickly, I wonder how much better my life would be if she did.

  1. Good one! Made me laugh!

  2. The perfect murder! Weapons: chance and inaction. Completely untraceable.

  3. In the art world, we call these ‘happy accidents.’

  4. MARY:
    Since there is no denouement……we can only speculate.
    Remind me never to dine with you…!

  5. This story was fun to read. A lot of packed information in a few short sentences. Well done!

  6. JAZZ: I would do the Heimlich on you. No worries.

  7. Ha! Are you still married?

  8. Bless you, Wizard…..

  9. Oh dear, I expected people to fill in the blanks, as good writers tend to do. Here, for those who didn’t get it:
    (Ah, this could be )The perfect murder! (since the) Weapons: (would be) chance and inaction. (which are) Completely untraceable.

  10. Great story, it gave me a chuckle.

  11. Mary:
    I’m sure most of us got it..!
    First off, we don’t know if she died.
    Murder..? No motive.
    Accidental death? Yep..!
    Watching too many cop shows…? Yep again..!

    Too many ‘cop shows’

  12. *sigh*

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