MONDAY: Paper-Skater


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…and she said she loved the feel of a pen in her hand,
as she positioned the tip of her thumb next to the tip of
her forefinger, arching wrist and fingers downward
towards the top of our table          …and I do as well, I thought

the flow of ink from its nib like a skater’s blade
scratching across a smooth surface —— on arena silence
etching expressions where smudges are only the falls
that awkwardly struggle in each of us for…

artistry to work its way of the mind upon
each stroke’s mark of unique precision re-
shaped by each performer’s particular distinction
a letter —— a word —— a phrase ——
connects to the next in twists & turns &
leaps of meaning jump acrobatic tricks
landing on one edge the paper-skater g l  i   d    e      s
then picksupspeedaroundthemargins &
spirals spin &       & trail           off              on
a pause of eloquence

  1. I like poetry for giving me new ways of thinking about things, making new connexions. Love seeing writing like skating — the second stanza especially enchanted me.

  2. Spiffy imagery.
    Wish I had done it.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. I enjoyed reading it and seeing the words literally flow.

  4. Lovely poem. I love it.

  5. Thanks to everyone who commented. Much appreciated. Joanna

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