TUESDAY: West Coast Winter Rain


Copyright is held by the author.

Because it was raining —
the kind mentioned in the Bible —
we took a drive in the woods and
came upon an old log pub
slumped by the side of a
dead-end road.

Because it was raining
a stream drizzled onto our heads
from the moss-covered roof.
The scarred wooden door thumped closed behind us.
We sat by the fire talking and drinking, drinking and talking
as people do in pubs; long, winding stories
that go nowhere and take all day.

Because it was raining
we didn’t care
that day had slipped into night and
winter battered at the windows.
Another drink and we didn’t see
the peeling wallpaper or the bare floorboards
gouged and stained from a century
of loggers’ boots and spilled beer.

Because it was raining
we drank one more and didn’t mind
the strained-through-a-sock taste
or that the waiter reeked of B.O.
We were here, or nowhere
so often how it is in winter
when days and nights melt together.

Because it was raining
we stayed too long
steeped in beer-fogged reveries
while the jukebox whined about love gone wrong.
Sheltered from the world
by shredded curtains and a haze of yellow smoke
we ordered another round
and drifted back to better times.

  1. I like the ‘lazy’ rhythm of this poem, matching the theme. I like the repetition of ‘because it was raining’, conjuring the insistent, steady rain. The imagery makes me feel as though I’m there with these people, snug indoors, not going anywhere. Lovely to read aloud.

  2. I never cared for poetry in school but I love this poem. The writer has me seeing pictures of the rain and the pub. So many visuals. Excellent.

  3. This is the kind of poem that makes converts out of those of us who don’t know much about poetry. Pulled me in, difficult to shake the feeling of ‘being there’.

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