Copyright is held by the author. This poem recently won first prize in the Oakville (ON) Poetry contest.

A pair of loons
as night falls over a Bruce peninsula
limestone lake
black as cut-out decoys
one raises its throat
lets loose a fluid call as
the other slides beneath the surface steel

They pare away at
the stone of my heart
eroding the city hardness
that has ridden with me into this northland

Look up, they seem to command
look up, observe
the tinged clouds
the russet-pear dusk
over cedar-lined shores and reflecting water
observe and dismiss anguish
into the dome of approaching night:
prepare for the coming dawn

  1. A prized well-deserved! I love it: as a poet, reader and sometime birdwatcher.

  2. You’ve made me yearn to get up to Algonquin.

  3. This poem evokes the empty stillness of the wilderness evening…I especially enjoy the “russet-pear” tones. Lovely.

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  5. So lovely.

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