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RED FOX bopped along the crusty snow. His black paws left grey holes in the snow behind him.

The dark of early night had been cold. He had huddled in a bush, waited for sounds of movement. Soft movement of small prey, but all was still. The only sound crisp air in his ear.

Then the new moon rose in the eastern sky, a harbinger of the sun. Moonlight in an empty sky spreads light and shifts the chill. Red Fox crept out of the bush and yipped to the moon. Shook his fur to stir warm blood through his body.

As he sat and watched the moon, his right ear twitched to the sound of a rustle. Wee rustle from the bush beside him. Mouse scent up his nose. A quick jump and breakfast is snapped between his teeth, swallowed. Warm and heavy in his belly.

Long, pink tongue licks his whiskers as sunlight rises behind the day moon. Daylight brings a sparkle to his eyes. Moon pulls at his mischievous nature as Red Fox sniffs the air, discovers an other is near.

Red fox bops along the crusty snow. His black paws poke grey holes in the snow.

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