LOVE THURSDAY: I’m Calling You Because


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I’M CALLING you because
you have a composting toilet
because you gave me
goat milk and mangoes,  the tart and the sweet
I’m calling you because
your shirts are neatly folded

Because I’ve shoved
my Better Judgement
in the closet,
locked the Voice of Reason
in the basement.
Stuffed my ears against their muffled cries

Because the stars are out
in the daytime
and there’s no other way
to shut these voices up

Because you turn my crank
you raise my hackles
you freak me in
and you freak me out

Because you turn my crank
you beckon my muse,
because our paths have crossed,
like lines at sea
and we must work together,
patiently – urgently –
to untangle
lest we both drown

but we were half-submerged

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