THURSDAY: Haiku: Through the Seasons: Autumn-Spring


Copyright is held by the author. These poems were previously published in Breccia by Irene Golas and Ignatius Fay. Sudbury ON: Ignatius Fay, Irene Golas and, 2012.

moss-covered rocks . . .
mother never talks about
the one that died

withered juniper
mother’s hair
since the nursing home

dementia ward
all day she tries all day
the doors to open doors

hunter’s moon –
the smallest apples
saved for deer

November rain
the jack-o’-lantern’s
moldy grin

snow falling…
a darker silence
in father’s room

December evening
the smell of gingerbread
in mother’s hug

girls vs. boys
quietly a hockey mom
cheers for the girls

no blizzard
the boys settle for
a pillow fight

cold out there
the dog allowed
on the sofa

deep winter
the golden crust of cheese
on onion soup

long johns
in the shape of me –
end of winter

turning the garden
winter’s final darkness

spring rain
out of dark earth
the reddest radish


  1. Jazz

    Admittedly, I’m not too familiar with Haiku poetry but Irene could turn me into a real fan.
    Her images, both funny and sad and amazingly observant, in both poems were amazingly good. I have many favourites here, but the one that got me was : ….all day she tries all day
    the doors to open doors. I shall read these again.

  2. Irene Golas

    Thanks for your comments, Jazz. I like that poem very much, too. It is based on my mother. I think it captures the confused but determined state of mind of a dementia patient who is locked into a particular train of thought or behaviour.

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