Haiku Through the Seasons: Spring-Autumn


Copyright is held by the author.  These poems were previously published in Breccia by Irene Golas and Ignatius Fay. Sudbury ON: Ignatius Fay, Irene Golas and Lulu.com, 2012.

first warm day
father gets out
his cap and cane

clouds touching clouds
a lamb nuzzles
its mother

so green I hear it
spring rain

blossoms on the crab apple
my daughter’s sixteen

Mother’s Day
my son serves the takeout
on china

sudden shower –
the boys dash out
without shoes

double rainbow
her second wish
a small one

heat wave
the redness of

gulls on the wind
a child stoops to touch
the waves

first tomato
mother picks for me
the sun’s warmth

pick-ur-own farm…
can’t resist
pulling a few weeds

growing deaf…
if only I could lip-read
the sparrow’s song

empty nest
gleefully she prepares
curries and tofu

September moon
sweetness of the last

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