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What makes a cat
stand stalk still
in the gathering rain
but stalking
an invisible something?
as I stalk those musical/ notes
lodged in my/ brain’s ear
(and something else, something larger, darker, lurks)
equally invisible.
I too am relaxed
and ready to

But only for a while.
Then I lose patience.
But even as I dog  the
answer – not solution —
I fear there is none,
the answer to what
happened in the tent that night
that you are
so silent about – as silent [and dangerous]
as the black calico
gliding along the trellis

The rain patters lightly, stops
a small grey tiger
emerges from the depths of the
raspberry canes.
Have we all found
what we were looking for?

I have the song,
but the hound has failed me
has come back
hoarse and exhausted
nothing but spittle
hanging from its mouth.

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  1. Nadean Rutledge

    Always enjoy Dianna’s poetry. Her continual quest for music and the answers to life.

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