THURSDAY: Fish Favour Yellow


Copyright is held by the author.

Above and below the water line
in schools or flocks
birds and fishes

Isn’t it the same?
An extravagance of imagination,
below the grey water line, in the grey sky.
Every fish has a different designer:
charcoal grey, precise blue
light giving pin stripes line the fins
ah, executive class.

Mondrian rectangles, Chanel,
tidy diagonals, ragged verticals
Is it a yellow fish/with black stripes
or a black fish/with yellow stripes?
Vertical or horizontal,
mix and match

Little fish-shaped blue lights scamper by,
big boxy beige/mottled grey-brown fish spin their propellers on brown coral –
some like the army tank, camouflage look,
not everybody wears neon pink and electrocuted green.
But fish of all stripes are birds of  a feather
Even Blue starfish all hand, all fingers
wrapping themselves round
whatever there is: rock, garbage, coral

Still, fish favour yellow,
in stripe or spot
geometric pattern or polka dot
and how about you,
Mr. Un-mellow

One comment

  1. JAZZ

    Got to tell you, Diane, I had to read your poem 3 times before I got it. But I really liked it…..!!!


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