MONDAY: Yesterday


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Here was yesterday,
sometime when I was,
then came another time
and there was not
a thought
about that yesterday.

Where did it go?

Emotions tell me
what colour, flavour, size to recreate
but there is no yesterday.
There is no yesterday
in my closet, although
the clothes seem worn.

No yesterday in my fridge,
although the food has decayed.
I cannot find yesterday’s tears
in my rain barrel and the song
I sing now I sang then reminds me
but no, is not yesterday.

That is the good news,
although I miss yesterday.
I miss not having yesterday
and I want so much
more than I can express

to take yesterday by the hand
to hold her flower
to feel again the prick of her thorn.

A corny symbol perhaps
but I believe I recall
that yesterday corny worked

I miss the struggle and the pain
I am sure I do!

There is only this day
this today this clear sheet,
this mind which can retain
memory and need
for the memory and need for the

Did I say that again?
I believe I said it again,

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