TUESDAY: Siem Reap, Cambodia


Dianne Korchynski considers herself fortunate to be from Winnipeg. Copyright rests with the author.

The Tonle Sap is everywhere
flowing outside my guesthouse door
in the rutted street
a red-brown, terracotta, coffee-
coloured water
delivered in spurts from the grey
floating the garbage on the Siem Reap River
held back, mercifully, for our
spiritual seeking tourist eyes,
(here only to see the Glory of Angkor)
by a wide enough to span
this large ditch of water
net-trap, wire or something
a dam of plastic garbage.
The brown water filters through
and a man fishes, downstream
from the stilt houses
-also held back by the sieve?
On which side of the dam
does he fish?

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