TUESDAY: Thank You, Grief


John Donlan is a poetry editor with Brick Books. Copyright rests with the author.

Thank You, Grief
Grief, I’m tired of your visit today
shuffling your faded photographs of the dead
who will never hear my apologies;
your private viewings of women I loved

and lost, somehow;
even my cats and dogs, their tiny bones
mouldering in old towels and blankets under back gardens
across Canada –

Grief, this is too much!
You’re hiding something. This pain near my heart
pierces my shoulder blade: it hurts to move,
to live. Each injury

heals slower than the last.
Thank you, Grief: you’ve reminded me of my death
and that I prefer the lost past to the lost future
and when this little pain ends so will you.


  1. Mark Victor Young

    Love this poem! All the brevity and layered seeming simplicity I’ve come to expect from John Donlan. Great seeing his work here.

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  3. Norm Rosolen

    Hi John. Normally, I’m not into poetry (I’m too dull witted). But I enjoyed your thought provoking, to say the least, effort. It is deftly done and very evocative. Norm

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