TUESDAY: Old Man Young


Erin Mullen is a 19-year-old student at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. Copyright is held by the author.

Your mother and I (he forgets who he is walking with
His eyes seeing the town as it was forty years ago
Population growing and the town stretching tearing to hold everyone
Cracks in the sidewalk and wayward roads)

Your mother and I
We went to visit old man Young
He lived in a house here (we stop before the empty spot,
foundations lost
The lot slopes towards the channel,
the islands he might as well have discovered)

It was the very spot that I would have
chosen as my own (I hear a sigh
I lead him on down the road)

Your mother (my grandmother) and I
came to visit, only to find
that old man Young had disappeared, like a dog
wandering away to die

(One man never found
one never truly home)

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