Submission Guidelines is looking for short stories, memoir, novel excerpts and poetry (one poem or a series of poems), in any genre, with a word count of 500 to 4,000.

How to submit
All submissions are through our Submittable service using the link below. You may submit more than one manuscript, but please send only one submission at a time. Poets: please submit one poem (or series if it is meant to be posted together) at a time. Attach the manuscript as a MS Word.doc file or a .rtf file (preferred).

Manuscript Format
Use a 12 or 14 pt font size, Helvetica or Times New Roman. Single space your copy and number your pages. At the top of your manuscript include: Title of the piece, your name, your contact information/email address, word count, if the piece has been published before and if so when and where. On all subsequent pages include, in a footer or header, your name and the title of your piece.

Please! Please! Follow these formatting rules — and we guarantee to read and get back to you faster about your submission!

1. Single space between sentences — get rid of the double spaces!

2. No paragraph indents

3. For our U.K. friends: Use double-quotation marks — not single

4. For our American & U.K. friends: Our spelling is based on the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. That means: centre, neighbour, colour, defence etc . . . , but realize, etc . . . Set your SpellCheck to Canadian English.

5. We follow Canadian Press style for numbers: spell out one to nine, use numbers for the rest.

6. Leave a single space on both sides of a long dash.

When we’ll get back to you knows that you don’t want to wait six months to find out whether your manuscript is accepted for publication. So we’re going to do our best for you.

Upon submitting, you’ll be notified by return email that has received your manuscript. If you’ve paid for a critique, our aim is to email you that critique by no later than three weeks. And if you’ve paid for a query letter critique, we’ll get back to you in a week.

Email notification of acceptance/rejection of all submissions (those who have opted for the critique service and those who have not) will be sent in two to three months.

Let’s be clear, whether or not you are accepted for online publication by is not dependent on whether you have paid for a critique. Though, in all honesty, manuscripts scheduled for a critique will probably get read first.

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