Why write for CommuterLit.com

We cannot offer payment to writers, but what we can offer is exposure for both up-and-coming and established writers, wishing to promote their latest work. We’re making an all-out effort to reach readers from the book publishing industry: literary agents, booksellers, editors, publicists, company owners, marketing managers and book media in North America to start, and then around the English-speaking world.

As well, each writer with an accepted submission can post a mini-profile on the CommuterLit.com Author’s page, with a link out to his or her own website or publisher’s website (link back to CommuterLit.com and we’ll generate even more readers for everyone).

Don’t forget our eWeekly newsletter, highlighting the next week’s stories and poems and their authors. It will be sent to an extensive reader and media list, so that each of our writers has a chance to shine.

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