Joll, Michael

Michael Joll

Born in England, Michael Joll spent most of his early childhood in India and Pakistan, returning to England at age 9 to attend school.

He arrived in Canada in 1973 and has spent most of those years in Brampton, Ont., working in both the public and private sectors.

On retiring from business in 2004 he began writing plays for radio and has had three plays recorded and broadcast on Canadian Public Radio. Around 2008 he decided to concentrate on writing short fiction, in part because of the discipline it brings to story composition. His first published story, “Officially Old” took third prize in in Writers’ Journal annual short fiction contest and appeared in their July/August 2010 edition. Several subsequent stories have been published in print or electronically.

Michael’s commute these days consists of fourteen steps to his garret where he can be found with his quill pen and ink bottle (for dashing off the occasional poem) and a recalcitrant laptop.

He still lives in Brampton with his wife and three dogs.

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  12. David Chesterton

    Hi Michael,
    I had planned on chatting with you in Brampton today, but missed you. Anne had given me your e-mail (which you gave her at the first appointment) but it’s lost somewhere in the pile of research I’m working with for my next book.

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