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Julie Johnson has been writing “for fun” since she was in elementary school in the 1980s, She used to plonk away at an electric typewriter in the basement and write stories for her friends, featuring them in comedic mysteries and adventures, often parodying popular narratives like Indian Jones or Sherlock Holmes.

The joy of writing continues into her 40s.

Over the years, she has written a Regency mystery, and two novels, Hill of Greens (inspired by the thought: what if the TV Show Friends focused on a group of environmental activists?) and The Daisy Chain (inspired by the thought: what if the TV Show The Office took place in a vegan restaurant?).

She also writes poetry, short stories and creative non fiction. Her blog, Busy Writing, features a humorous look at the writing life.

When not writing, she is an elementary educator in Simcoe County, Ontario. She lives in Oro Medonte, Ontario with her husband, two teenage sons and three cats.

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Reach her on Twitter @julieejohnsonn

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