Frayne, Sharon

Sharon French

Sharon Frayne recently won awards for both poetry and non fiction writing in the 2016 Rising Spirits writing contest. She has appeared as a guest reader at Niagara Reads, and at the NOTL Strawberry Festival. Her book Caught Between the Walls has just been released by Bygones Publishing. This collection of tales revives lost stories of tragic people trapped in 1817 – 1920 Niagara courthouse and gaol. Visit for more information about her words and art.

Sharon fancied herself a super detective as a child and continues to find endless fascination with people, places and potential problems. Raised on a farm, she learned early the value of hard work, and an appreciation for family and nature. She studied Journalism at University of Western Ontario and had a lengthy career as a high school teacher and elementary administrator. She is a member of the NOTL Writer’s Circle. Her writing also regularly appears on the Stage of Life website and she was a recent national winner with “Stepping into a Lifetime.” She lives in southern ontario with her husband and a life size statue of Dorothy Gale.

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