Ashta-deb retired from the Bookkeeping profession after realizing it was one of the contributing factors to her depression. Now, after her incredible experiences, her intuitive wisdom directs her to build a sacred healing center. 

Ashta-deb has the unique ability to apply India’s ancient teachings of Vedanta to alleviate modern day suffering. Drawing on her in-depth studies of the Vedic texts she helps you to look within and experience who you were, who you became and who you are. 

She has devoted her life to helping others by way of her self-healing workshops, seminars and retreats.  Her signature retreat “The Ultimate Surrender” helps you to understand the root cause of your suffering.

She has shared her wisdom and experiences through numerous print and online publications including:, Amaze Magazine and Style Verify Magazine. Ashta-deb was a featured guest on Conscious Talk Radio in Seattle, Washington. Visit to listen to this informative interview and read her articles and blog posts.

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