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Ruined-Days-twoRuined Days

By Guinotte Wise

“Hey, are you killing people without me?” asks a character in Ruined Days. This unusual thriller starts over 50 years ago and ends up with southern Kansas rednecks battling savvy criminals in New Orleans. There’s a JFK conspiracy connection but this is a whole ‘nother take on it. A stunning creole beauty and a rasta street dude join forces with . . . well, imagine Get Shorty meets DieHard II and, as one reviewer put it, “What a great — and wild — ride of a book! I haven’t read anything quite like it!”

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Kindle: $3.96  Paperback: $12.99  Buy a copy


Worlds ApartWorlds Apart

By Christine Lyons

In Ryan’s world, the sun is purple, the air is a green mist and there are bars on the window. He and his family are prisoners, and an exhibit in an alien zoo. But one day, while playing in the outdoor compound, Ryan meets Humphree, an alien figure who comes and goes mysteriously. It is then that Ryan discovers, not only a special disc, but also a tunnel that leads to another world. The new world has a yellow sun, green grass and blue sky. As Ryan explores more, he wonders about his family’s safety. He can’t question his parents openly because he believes that the aliens have monitored their cage in the zoo. He learns that Alien elders are experimenting on his family in order to understand human behaviours, abilities and emotions, while other aliens view them in captivity. Together, Ryan and Humphree formulate an escape plan. However, not everything is as it seems. Revelation after revelation unravels mysterious secrets about the aliens.

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paper-sun-coverPaper Sun

By Sheila Horne

Paper Sun, Sheila Horne’s newest novel and sequel to Sunshine Girls, stitches together the lives of four very real, strong, and flawed female characters. Ella is struggling to make her relationship work with her daughter. Raynie is a cancer patient battling illness. Meg is content in her safe life whereas Jessie hopes to start over. While the women’s lives might not be perfect, it becomes clear that each woman’s life is a tapestry – patched and held together by friendship.

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Kindle: $5.99  Paperback: $22.40  Buy a copy


sunshine-girlsSunshine Girls

By Sheila Horne

Sunshine Girls, Sheila Horne‘s first novel brings together the lives of four young women. As 1973 Toronto loosens up, Ella and her friends must navigate the shifting social currents put in motion by the ’60s. Ella realizes everything she trusted as a child is a lie. Raynie believes marriage is the easy way out. Jessie would rather face life stoned while Meg desperately wants a husband and family. When tragedy strikes, it not only tests the girls’ friendship, it sparks a series of life-altering events.

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Kindle: $5.99  Paperback: $22.40  Buy a copy


just-where-you-stand-coverJust Where You Stand

By Sandra Marie Lewis

In Victorian Berkshire, England, the author’s dying, abused and defeated ancestor Lenore tells her son George that she is not good enough for Heaven. The obsession of alcoholism on his father’s part and the draw of early Jehovah’s Witnesses by himself and his son-in-law undermine the lives of three generations of the Argyle family. Immigration to Pape Village in Toronto, Canada doesn’t change that. Like his unfortunate mother, George’s wife and daughter must function within their circumstances. Will their admirable stamina and courage make a difference?

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Kindle: $9.99  Paperback: $25.71  Buy a copy


By Kathi Nidd

Three weeks before his wedding, on the eve of the most important trial of his career, Joe Sinclair has vanished. As his fiancée anxiously awaits word on his whereabouts, Joe’s dearest friends question his recent unusual behavior. And while Joe’s teenage defendant grasps at the dwindling hope of a murder acquittal, the mystery of the unsolved murder of Joe’s high school sweetheart resurfaces.

Is Joe, the target of deep-rooted accusations from the past, now a victim of his own circumstance? Or will his disappearance finally uncover the truth?

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theroadahead_front-coverThe Road Ahead

By Willie Handler

Rick Tompkins, a suburban Toronto insurance broker, never considered a political career until a good friend, the leader of the Conservative party, asks him to run for office. He accepts, knowing he cannot win, only to gain visibility for himself and his business. Jerry, a veteran party worker, is sent to run Rick’s campaign in a riding that hasn’t elected a Conservative in years.

Rick fumbles his way through the election and manages a surprise win but saddles his party with an impossible commitment. Even worse, Rick is anything but politically correct. He offends everyone and stumbles from one scandal to another.

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Kindle book: $9.99  Paperback: $20.00  Buy a copy


5-nancys-cover5 Nancys (chapbook)

by Nancy Kay Clark

Have you ever Googled yourself and found someone else? In 5 Nancys, Nancy Kay Clark, editor of CommuterLit, writes about real-life encounters with four other Nancy Clarks and imagines their lives. How did they become who they are? What choices should they have made? Which one is the better Nancy Clark? The more popular? The richer? The happier? And which one is Nancy Kay?

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Digital version (PDF): $3.00

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Print version:  $5.00 (including shipping)


commuterlit-selections-arrivals-and-departures-2CommuterLit Selections: Arrivals & Departures

Life is full of arrivals and departures. This anthology includes one month’s worth of short stories and poetry by CommuterLit contributors.

Paperback: $14.45

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 CommuterLit Selections Fall 2013: A Month of Reading your Your Transit Commute

Featuring 20 of the best poems and short stories culled from Fiction on the Go.

CommuterLit Selections is available to order through Click the button below to purchase your copy today for Only $14.70

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Read some reviews. Get the Book here!

Read about the CommuterLit Anthology, and its editor/publisher Nancy Kay Clark, in the media here.


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  2. Nancy Boyce

    I’m enjoying my copy of this short story anthology. It has such a great variety of stories and poems. I’m a regular reader of and was thrilled to see some of my favourite authors such as Brad Gischia and Frank T. Sikora. I love anything that they write. One of my favourite stories from CommuterLit has been included, Soldier’s Last Wish, by Phyllis Humby. I’m looking forward to rereading the stories that I love and reading some that I’ve missed. What a great gift for my friends that like short stories.

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  5. Erin Berry

    Wow. Michelle Boomer writes like a pro. Her work is mind boggling. Another great story. The world’s next great mystery writer has arrived and she goes by the name of Michelle Boomer. When is the next story???

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