Walsh, Mike

Oakville, ON-based Mike Walsh taught at Toronto’s Sheridan College in the School of Art & Design for 38 years. Before that he began a career in book publishing at Macmillan in Toronto in 1967. In the mid 70s, he co-founded Mosaic Press in Oakville to produce works by authors from diverse Canadian communities. He also edited and worked with Gwen MacEwen to publish her T.E. Lawrence poems, as well as a collection of Middle East tales, The Honey Drum. He also worked with Irving Layton when Mosaic published his collections in the 1980s.

Mike was  involved in international rights at the Frankfurt Book Fair and introduced Chinese literature in translation to North America in the 1980s. Two years ago, a collection of poems he had written over span of 40 years, Singing in the Mist, was published. He has just completed the first draft of his memoirs up to age 12. He grew up in London, England after WWII in Shepherds Bush. He plans to call his memoirs Roughin’ it in the Bush, Shepherds Bush, That is.

Says Mike: “The poem What Good is Friday came to me at Easter because the priorities we live with seem to be clouded by self interest and avoidance with religion, politics, media dazzling us with twitterish gibberish without doing very much to change the reality for 7 billion people on this planet. It’s time to wake up with empathy and action. Our children and future generations deserve more on this earth.”

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