Toews, Mitchell

Mitchell ToewsMitchell Toews lives in Manitoba where, with his wife’s kind permission, he writes in the languid lakeside She Shed. In the summertime, anyway. Mitch’s writing has appeared in riverbabble, CommuterLit, Fiction on the Web, Best of Fiction on the Web (2018), Literally Stories, Red Fez, SickLit, Voices Journal, The Machinery, Storgy, LingoBites, Work Magazine, The MOON magazine, Occulum, Rhubarb Magazine, Digging Through the Fat, Fictive Dream, Pulp Literature (publication date, TBA), Blank Spaces (June 2018), and Cabinet of Heed. Details at his website,

Mitch is currently hard at work on a novel set in the noireal.

Reach him on Twitter: @mitchell_toews

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