Rathlou, Nancy

Nancy RathlouAs a songwriter and performer, Nancy Rathlou found it difficult to put her beloved Spanish guitar back on the shelf, after experiencing hand issues. So, she was both surprised and delighted to discover there was a storyteller within, just waiting for expression.

Having spent most of her life seizing the day, books came late in life. She credits the story-telling prowess of Stephen King for igniting her interest in reading. This crooked path taken has left her with a wealth of experience to draw on; the seeds for stories having been planted along the way.

Nancy lives in the Toronto area and volunteers at a local hospice, offering comfort and relaxation through energy work. Her memoir, Rising, offers a first hand look into the mind of one who not only survived the pitfalls of drugs, communes, cults and more, but actually rose from the ashes of crash and burn, to look back, even upon the darkest times, with love and humour. (Date of release TBA, as Rising makes the publishing house rounds.)

You are invited to visit her blog, www.gonewoowoo.com , a grounded, practical and often time humorous perspective on riding the currents of the invisible energies that run through and around us, everyday.

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