FRIDAY NEWS & NOTES: New Contributors Always Welcome

BY THE time 2021 ends, CommuterLit will have posted about 160 stories and poems, including on average per week two works from new contributors. For many of these new contributors, CL is their first acceptance. We are proud of that. We like to think that we’ve had a hand in helping many talented writers launch their writing careers. 

So, if you’re new to writing or you keep getting rejected (it happens to all of us), do not be afraid to submit to CommuterLit. We may not accept every one of your submissions, but you will always get a friendly reception.

And if you’ve already submitted, but it’s been three months or longer and you haven’t heard back from us, email the editor through the Submittable portal and remind her. She’s human after all, and occasionally submissions fall through the cracks.

Contributor news

 Carla Sarett‘s novella about female painters, The Looking Glass, is now available for pre-order from Propertius Press. 

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