TUESDAY: Seascape


This poem was previously published in Verse-Virtual. Copyright is held by the author.


a sailboat floating
in and out of the haze
above the horizon
settle for a while
for nothing, though a smile may fade
in the sunlight sinking
through, to warmly embrace
the legs of jade
pinning only
to the softening edge
in the cloud of water’s
blue cushion. While a sailboat

floating in and out of the haze
above the horizon
settles      settles      settles       settles
for no one
even you two, will his wading through
to you come to mute
your weighted grace,
or hoist
one woman and one man above
and beyond

in silent space


while the soft blue waves
finally get pushy, rushing
so far away
for a while
from simply unsettling
a sailboat floating to be first
to kiss a woman
and a fading smile
never lifted
from the beginning.

And now your man forever
jaded in the sunken sunlight
raising all eyes, is ready
to wade away, and grinning

above all rooted legs
and beyond all muted clouds

floating into the settling
above and beyond
the horizon.

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