MONDAY: Photo in a Shoebox


Copyright is held by the author.

That’s my ’65 Chrysler Imperial!
He grins
The massive back end of a baby blue sedan with wings sits in the foreground
The Kodachrome colour still brilliant

Behind, to one side and almost out of frame,
Two slight girls with fly-away hair twirl in faded dresses
Not knowing
the moment was snapped — has snapped — had snapped

And just there on the front stoop,
His first wife — even slighter — recedes into the doorway
An afterthought
I loved that car, he says


  1. Suzanne Burchell

    This piece is a poignant snapshot of an era, a relationship, a man, The piece is crystalline clear in the stories not told in words but in suggestion. Beautiful! So much in so few words……..

  2. JAZZ


    Short, simple, stunning. Thirteen lines to paint a picture that sets off our curiosity and imagination. Well done….!!


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