WEDNESDAY: Happily Ever After


Copyright is held by the author.

When she finally met him
he was nothing
like how she had
written him to be.

He hung on her every word
and actually blushed
when she caught him
staring at her ass.

He made her smile.
The kind of smile that starts
below the belt
and lingers all day.

She liked the unexpected way
he took her hand
and just
held it.

They grew together
against the odds of her words.
And pushed the cruelty
of her penmanship aside.

Her pen stuck poised
just above her spiral notebook.
Her tongue stuck through
her freshly glossed lips.

Knowing that nothing but tragedy
could transpire
from her transcription;
she stopped.

She left them there
surrounded by beautiful lies and delusions
and walked away
from the table.


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