MONDAY: Fortune Cookies


Copyright is held by the author.

You will soon meet someone
who will bring much love and joy.
Gradually, he will reduce you
to a blubbering  idiot.
But hey, if it’s love
you’re looking for,
don’t let me scare you off.

The love of your life
is just around the corner.
Unfortunately, he’s pursuing a leggy blonde,
so I doubt if he will respond
to your cry for help.
But  go ahead and prove me wrong.

When you fall in love,
it will be forever.
But just in case
it isn’t reciprocated,
keep this phone number
in your pocket.

As your moon reaches Venus,
you will meet a man
who will make you wish
you had a perfect body.
But just remember ,
your mind isn’t perfect either,
and neither is his.

You have entered a new moon phase
when your every wish
may come true.
So do me a favour,
stop ordering egg rolls for one
and get yourself back in the game.


  1. Gail

    Hey I have met someone who brings me joy. I might be that blonde.
    Oh well done, witty and clever as ever.You have a knack for taking a serious subject and putting the fun into it along with pearls of wisdom.

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