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He was desperate for a cure which
he was certain had been hidden inside her.
His eyes begged her to save him,
only she could save him.
His teeth shone as he
flashed her his flattery.

He placed her on a pedestal.
Full of life.
Full of energy.
Full of everything he lacked.

Just one taste,
he whispered.
But of course
she gave more.

The air at this lonely height was thin
and made her dizzy.
He grew impatient
by her weakness.

They started to doubt her.
She started to doubt herself too.
He started to blame her.
She started to blame herself too.

He ate the guilt that spilled from her
like candy.
But still, it crushed her soul
and made her choke.

Stumbling to the edge
she stepped into a swan dive
and sank into his darkness.

Crumpled on the ground,
she lay before his outstretched body.
Her veins were stripped
and her wrists rested on his.

Dry your eyes,
you tried.
Close your eyes,
you can rest now.

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