THURSDAY: Teaching


Joan Vinall-Cox has always loved poetry. Copyright is held by the author.

Everything is sharply edged,
more strongly felt,
like early love.

This task shapes
my beings and
my absences,
It wakes
my sleeping self
till I,
so I, am
for doing:

filled with my art
and ready.


  1. Connie Cook

    Great read. I’d never have equated teaching and early love, but then again isn’t that how we learn from life’s experience. Well done!

  2. Suzanne Burchell

    I ended my 38 year love affair with teaching by retiring last June — it was always like “early love” to teach …….now I ache to return and feel such an emptiness — I am so glad some one else feels the same about teaching ………it is an art and part of our souls when we are passionate.

    Thank you

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