MONDAY: Summer Aglow, Badminton in the Barn, Farm Fields


Patricia Anne McGoldrick is a Kitchener, ON, writer. Copyright is held by the author.

Summer Aglow

August night
Orange moon rising
Like a candy corn kernel Hallow’en treat.

Badminton in the Barn

Our steel sided barn
Much older than it appeared
Hosted an annual
On its smooth worn planks
Inches thick
Centimetres deep
A surface to be sought by the pros
But designated for home games
For a brief respite between last harvest
And the new year’s crop of red clover

White birdies flew back and forth
Over a net attached to tree tall beams
In a stone anchored barn.

Back and forth
Back and forth
We served and volleyed
Till the daylight ran out.

Farm Fields

They lay there
for months
except for the random roaming of a red fox in search of food

Those fields are hard and brittle
Frozen with cold
Not summer soft to the footstep
No earthy smells of green alfalfa and clover
No tall stalks of cob-laden corn

Farm fields are not so inviting
Sitting still and fallow
Waiting to be reborn.


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