THURSDAY: I Do Not Eat Pizza in Laos


Dianne Korchynski considers herself fortunate to be from Winnipeg. Copyright rests with the author.

I carry no camera
but my eyes
go click, click, click
along with the sweep
of a handmade broom

gathering up large pods
cleaning up the riverside
for us tourists
will come to eat again
and again before going back
to our back street guest houses
with western toilets
one after another

a kind of warp or rupture
sets in
like the road, bubbling from
underneath, the mass of tree root
asserts itself, inverts itself

you start to think
all this is for you,
exists because of you:
Luang Prabang
a town built for tourists

the balance has been tipped,
symbiosis is over,
not quite parasites
still, it’s a kind of sickness

Luang Prabang, Laos, 2011

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