MONDAY: Attenti Ai Gatti


After receiving a B.A. in English and B.Ed., Gail M. Murray pursued a career in teaching with an emphasis on English, Drama and Writing. Copyright rests with the author.

The cats of Ravello
sleep on sunlit patios of terra cotta
church bells chime
little girls with long black curls giggle.

The cats of Ravello
raid alleys of narrow medieval streets
where white roses cascade ancient stone walls
and ristorantes serve up sea bass al fresco
Even their garbage is haute cuisine.

The cats of Ravello sip warm milk
at palazzos converted to five star hotels
At the feet of wistful tourists gazing at the indigo sea
these felines share croissants and steamed milk.

The cats of Positano
do not climb the vertical cliffs
to pastel pink and yellow houses
Feral and wary they dart among fishing boats
painted bright primary colours.

The cats of Positano
lick lemony limoncello,
munch on tidbits of el mare
as they escape the encroaching tide.

The cats of Vernazza
live in a time warp
They sit straight and tough on Vespas
bits of ear missing, collar askew.

The cats of this remote town, a claw on the sea
lie on rocks above the cliffs, slide in for a pat
as vespers chime at sunset.

The cats of seaside Italian towns thrive
No cars, no cares as church bells float on the wind.


  1. Rose

    That is such a fabulous poem! My senses come alive and I feel like I am there in picturesque Italy with you. Your love of cats and Italy shines through too!

  2. Cindy

    Hi Gail, This is Cindy, Brian N’s gf. Enjoyed your poem, can’t wait to visit Italy. It’s on my bucket list.

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