WEDNESDAY: Trip to North Bay


Mark Clement is a member of the Ontario Poetry Society. Copyright rests with the author.

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My buddy and I at twenty,
full of wonderful stupidity,
decided to go to North Bay.

It was cold and we hitchhiked.
In those days, you could
get a ride and not end up
standing by the road forever
with your thumb frozen
by the breeze of cars buzzing past.

We made it, but it was late
and cold on the city street
with snow that never melted
and that peculiar city wind
bit our asses through light pants
that only stupid young people
would wear. Streetlights were colder
than the dark roadside woods.

We hoped to see our girls,
but it was too late.
We had no place to go,
no place planned ahead,
we simply thought it and went.
So, just as in the movies,?we ended up in jail.
They let us in because
North Bay cops knew
the cold could kill.

Still, they took our belts,
made us sign a release,
asked no questions,
let us sleep in a locked cell
then kicked us out at seven AM.

It was cold on the morning street,
cold and hungry and too early for the girls,
even we knew that.

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  1. Gloria Hansen

    Loved your poem–have to admit the city name North Bay hooked me (Kipling here) , you made the reader feel that Northern Ontario biting cold.

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